Episode: #8 March 03,2023
Title: Dr. Rebecca Boudreaux / President & CEO of Oberon Fuels
Description: Dr. Rebecca Boudreaux, President & CEO of Oberon Fuels, joins us this week to what leadership means to her and how they restructured their organization over the past three years to allow for a fully remote workforce. Learn what worked and what didn’t for Oberon. Happy listening!

Date:March 3,2023

Episode: #7 February 10,2023
Title: Casey Cramton / President and CEO of Dead River Company
Description: Casey Crampton, President & CEO of Dead River Company out of Maine, joins us this week to talk about what leadership means to him and why people are the most important part of any organization. He also dives into the core values he helped set for the company and how those made an impact on the team. Happy listening! 😊

Date:February 10,2023

Episode: #6 January 20,2023
Title: Mike Rutherford / President at Rutherford Equipment
Description: Mike Rutherford / President at Rutherford Equipment. He talks about the importance of trust in leadership.

Date: January 6,2023

Episode: #5 January 6,2023
Title: Dan Richardson / President and CEO of Conger LP Gas out of Georgia
Description: Dan Richardson, President and CEO of Conger LP Gas out of Georgia. He talks about how true leaders succeed – by surrounding themselves with the best people.

Date: January 6,2023

Episode: #4 Dec 16,2022
Title: Stephen Kaminski / President and CEO at National Propane Gas Association
Description: Stephen Kaminski, President and CEO at National Propane Gas Association, joins us for a chat on leadership.

Date: Dec 16,2022

Episode: #3 Dec 2,2022
Title: Jennifer Jarboe / Senior Vice President of Human Resources at ThompsonGas
Description: Jennifer Jarboe, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at ThompsonGas, join us. Jennifer talks about what leadership means to her and how she enables her team to lead in any role within an organization.

Date: Dec 2,2022

Episode: #2 Nov 4,2022
Title: Julie Johnson / President of Ted Johnson Propane located in Los Angeles, CA
Description: Julie Johnson is am Immediate Past-Chairwoman of the Western Propane Gas Association and have been on the Board of Directors since 1997. She joined the PERC Research & Technology Development Advisory Working Group in 2016. And, of course, a member of the Woman in Propane Council.

Date: Nov 4,2022

Episode: #1 Oct 14,2022
Title: Nancy Coop / Director of Marketing at Cetane Associates & Founding Chair of Women in Propane Council
Description: Nancy is the founding chair of the national business council of Women In Propane, a director on the NPGA Board of Directors and is the FIRST woman inductee into the LP Gas magazine Hall of Fame. Check out Nancy’s leadership tips and what she’s learned through her years in the industry.
Date: Oct 14,2022
Episode: Sneak Peek
Title: Jessica Johnson / ThompsonGas
Description: Conversation with Jessica Johnson from ThompsonGas
Date: Sept 2022
Title: RCC’s Fuel the Conversation
Description: Conversation with Nancy Coop
Date: April 2022
Courtesy: Rural Computer Consultants, Inc.

If you have a person in mind that you would like to hear as a future guest on the podcast, email info@npga.org

Women in Propane Council presents: Through the Leadership Lens

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Inspired by the April 2022 Women in Propane Council’s (WIP) 10th anniversary Celebration Summit in Nashville, Creator & Executive Producer Jessica Johnson came up with the podcast idea. “I wanted to help create something that was missing from the industry; a podcast from the WIP perspective, that pulls from the wealth of knowledge our leadership has.” Jessica explains the “why” behind the idea.

A couple brief chats and a handshake later, the podcast was born right then and there.

Our team is formed by professionals eager to educate and entertain people throughout the world on the topic of leadership. The motivation of each episode is that you the listener come away informed on what lessons and steps our guests endured to become the successful leaders of today and maybe for you to come away feeling inspired to take the necessary measures to help you become the effective leader of tomorrow if that is something that you aspire to be.

Or you can just sit back and listen to our seasoned hosts Bridget Kidd and Freddie Ridler and absorb the relaxing conversation.

So let me officially introduce you to our podcast. WIP presents: “Through the Leadership Lens”. With the help of our marketing wizards Peini Spinazzola and Chelsea Uphaus you can check back on this site and look for us on social media regarding our episodes and links on where to find them.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned.

Greg Wasson
Producer & Marketing Director

Meet industry influencers

Through the Leadership Lens is a podcast hosted by Women in Propane that focuses on making the propane industry better for everyone. Hear from industry influencers about everything leadership! From what leadership means to them, to their experience with impactful leaders and how leadership styles have changed over the years. You can find us wherever you listen to podcasts.

Meet the Hosts:

Bridget Kidd

Senior Vice President of Industry Engagement at PERC.

I’ve been with PERC for 10 years in various roles. Currently, manage the coordination and deployment of PERC programs, resources, educational programs, and tools to the industry. Serve as the primary liaison between PERC and other industry groups. I live in NJ with my husband and two children, Gunnar and Annie.

Education: M.A. in Organization Development and Leadership from St. Joseph’s University and B.A. in Communications from Villanova University (Go Cats!).

Freddie Ridler

Head of Business Growth and Marketing at Rural Computer Consultants
I have been with RCC since 2005 and have worn many hats with the company. I work with various groups at RCC and I am part of an instrumental leadership team. My wife Monica and three kids (Madeline, Parker, and Rylan) keep me busy every day. We enjoy outdoor life and traveling.

My Purpose: My purpose in life is to be an energetic leader to bring those around me success in life and to trust me with my knowledge, passion, and love for what I can do!

If you have a person in mind that you would like to hear as a future guest on the podcast, email info@npga.org

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