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The Women in Propane Council is partnering with the state and regional associations in the U.S. to bring educational offerings and help increase involvement. A further benefit for the associations is to increase their members’ benefits and provide succession planning for their associations.

WIP recognizes its shared missions with state associations and the true benefits of networking and training for their members. WIP members who are state ambassadors will bring WIP information, communication, and the power of its programs to the states at their meetings and conferences.

Paybacks to industry associations of promoting WIP at state associations

  • attract members
  • increase event attendance
  • increase involvement
  • increase attendance at meetings
  • provide additional member benefits
  • association succession planning

Become an association engagement ambassador

  • be the liaison to your industry association
  • promote WIP mission
  • share personal experiences
  • educate prospective members
  • deliver reports and presentations
  • engage with prospective members

How to apply to be an ambassador for WIP

  • We are seeking ambassadors for every propane state and regional association.
  • Applications welcome from women and men who have an interest in their association’s activities.
  • Please contact us directly at

Inspire industry leaders through training, development, and collaboration.

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