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There are always opportunities for members to contribute to WIP’s success. Please review the active committees and their projects to find one that suits you. As a committee volunteer, you’ll be involved at the level that works with your schedule. The benefits are mutual both for you and the organization.

Committees meet as needed by phone or video conference. They vary in size and scope. Your involvement is welcome. Please contact us to learn more or to volunteer.

Communications & Marketing

The Communications & Marketing committee presents the Women in Propane Council to the industry at large. This committee’s communications are delivered both digitally and in print. The committee is responsible for placing WIP ads and articles in industry publications and promoting the council to the industry via social media.

The committee’s projects include:

  • monthly newsletter
  • press releases
  • brochure & handouts
  • website updating, management
  • calendar updating, management
  • social media posting
  • content creation, editing, working with graphic designers
  • coordination with other committees

Knowledge Exchange

Since its inception, the Knowledge Exchange mentoring network has paired hundreds of mentors and mentees in the pursuit of bringing positive change and development to the mentees’ professional goals. The committee manages the software platform powered by Chronus and the queries from the mentees and mentors during the course of their mentorship. Recruitment of new mentors and mentees is another key function of the committee members.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee oversees member benefits and recruitment. This committee coordinates with the council’s scheduled events to ensure that recruiting opportunities are successfully promoted.

The committee’s projects include:

  • welcoming new members
  • member benefits oversight
  • corporate member liaisons
  • recruitment and retention of members
  • engaging members in council activities
  • designing and executing membership campaigns

Programs & Events
The Programs & Events committee is responsible for developing and coordinating programs, including events that are held at industry meetings and training offered online. This includes an annual program, training session and networking event at the NPGA Southeastern Convention and International Propane Expo as well as other activities held at regional conventions, open houses, and NPGA Board of Directors meetings. In addition to training, education, and networking events, the committee also works closely with NPGA to ensure events such as its business meetings run smoothly.

The committee’s projects include:

  • leadership forum at the Expo
  • roundtable sessions
  • networking receptions
  • council meetings
  • networking luncheons
  • webinars
  • seminars
  • trade show booths

Association Engagement
The Association Engagement committee is a dynamic, newly established committee dedicated to bringing WIP programs and events to members of state and regional associations across the country. The committee is working on recruiting ambassadors to represent Women in Propane at every one of the more than 35 associations in the U.S. Learn more.

Are you ready to join a committee or want to learn more, contact us today.

A group that is engaged and working together can be a powerful force.

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