Knowledge Exchange Mentorship

Personal and professional growth opportunity from WIP

The WIP Knowledge Exchange mentoring network is a dynamic and valuable program available to all members of NPGA free of charge.

Mentees connect with their mentors using algorithms powered by the Chronus software to attain lasting and meaningful professional goals over the virtual mentoring course. Mentee/mentor partners meet by video or phone conference on a mutually agreed-upon schedule.

There isn’t a better time than the present to work on that professional or personal growth goal that you desire. We have an impressive roster of industry professionals who are well-versed experts in the areas of interest that are most important to you.

How to become a mentee:

  • Go to
  • Complete a short profile form indicating your focus subject.
  • Submit your profile for matching with a qualified mentor, review your options, and submit your request to your chosen mentor.
  • Meetings take place over the phone or video conference at mutually convenient times.
  • Pacing and subject matter is determined by the mentoring partnership.
  • The program is designed to last between six to twelve months, meeting approximately two hours per month.
  • Throughout the program, step-by-step guidance is offered.
  • A program administrator is always available to consult.

How to become a mentor:

  • Go to
  • Complete a short profile form indicating areas where you may help develop a mentee.
  • In combination with software matching, a program manager will review mentor and mentee compatibility.
  • Once selected as a mentor, begin a course of sharing knowledge and experiences with a young professional ready for growth.
  • The program offers step-by-step guidance throughout the process.

Mentees come away with new-found knowledge and confidence that will demonstrate to your employer your engagement and ambition to help the company and you succeed.

Mentors take home the satisfaction of passing along their life-long knowledge and experiences to a young professional who is eager to improve.

Sign up at today and start your path to a better tomorrow!

If you’d like more information and want to speak further, please email a Knowledge Exchange manager at

What our Knowledge Exchange Mentorship Alumni Say

“I feel like I have a responsibility to give back since so many people have helped me over my career.”

—Tom Krupa, NGL Supply Co.

“My experience has been great. I not only benefited from working with Tom, but he was able to connect me with other successful industry professionals.” 

—Bill Irish-Baker, Irish Propane Corp.

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