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All leadership training is presented by experts in their fields. Women in Propane coordinates training for current and future leaders.

In addition to Webinars & Seminars held throughout the year and an ongoing, year-round Knowledge Exchange Mentorship, professional leadership training is available to you and your company at the NPGA Southeast Expo, at state association meetings, and on demand at your place of business.

Select the trainings that best suit your needs:

  • Leadership Forum @ the Expo—annual expert training at the NPGA Southeast Expo
    • Leadership Forum is a development program open to men and women that gathers propane professionals from employees of family-owned, regional and multi-state firms, including business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate officers, staff members and managers at all levels within company operations. The training focus changes each year.
    • Details will be announced through the WIP monthly newsletter and online at npgaexpo.org. Additional fee applies.
    • All Expo attendees and exhibitors can sign up for Leadership Forum during their registration (or add to their registration at a later date). Click here to sign up for the current enrollment.
  • DISC on the Road (Virtual or in Person)
    • DISC, the highly effective and valuable system of human behavior management, is a powerful tool to help managers and their direct subordinates learn to better understand themselves and achieve optimal performance.
    • Much more than categorizing personality, DISC identifies patterns of behavior and implements solutions to maximize strengths with immediate application in the workplace.
    • We offer three different types of DISC models facilitated by certified, expert trainers:
      • Everyday Workplace
      • Management
      • Sales
    • DISC trainings are available at state and regional association meetings through coordination with your state executive and WIP.
    • DISC trainings are offered to your company or organization by scheduling with a WIP administrator. Additional fee applies and includes customized DISC assessment for each participant.
    • Interested in DISC? Contact us for more information or to request a training.

    Support for Leadership Training

    Interested in sponsoring a WIP training event that brings valuable education and insights to the industry? Sponsorship is an opportunity to align your company with the importance of development and diversity. There are multiple sponsorship levels and each one makes a positive difference. Learn more about sponsoring.

“The DISC curriculum uses the created profile to help individuals understand their personal behavioral style, which is a combination of four tendencies: dominance (D), influence (I), steadiness (S), and conscientiousness (C). Everyone exhibits “shades” of all four styles.”


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